Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attendee Recap of Creative Estates

Have loved reading everyone’s posts from Creative Estates as they have rolled in. Thought it would be fun to share some of them here…
Of course, this isn’t it. If you wrote a Creative Estates post and it’s not listed, will you leave  a link in the comments? Would love to include them in the body of this post!
Never would have guessed that an amazingly successful business woman like The Vintage Pearl was shy.
So glad the conference captured the spirit of community, Andrea talks about over on her blog – The Worley House.
Shelley, from House of Smiths, has some great photos of bloggers taking photos
She’s a little tipsy, but that doesn’t mean she drinks…just ask her, everyone else did! Check out Michelle’s post conference update!
Stephanie’s photos will make you wish you were her roommate
This post is almost as darling as the girls behind the site…WhipperBerry
Everyone wanted a photo with Jen – she’s kind of famous – and she’s written a great postabout all the wonderful girls she met!
Becca has put together a beautiful post about her experiences at the event – this conference was all about creating friendships and having fun!
Even if Sandy wasn’t a la Mode, we’d think she was so sweet after reading her Creative Estates teaser and full recap. Love the silliness going on…
Ready for a little fashion show? April from Funky Vintage Lovely prepared a post on some of the conference’s hottest outfits. She has another really fun post that talks a bit more about the conference too!
Char, from Crap I’ve Made, has issued another classic post. It includes all of her famous Creative Estates lines.
How can you not love anything written by someone who’s blog name is Sparklepants…bling, bling.
This girl was lucky. Or it was just her table?  I think it was her…plus (cheesy) we were sooo lucky to have her join us!
Honey Bear Lane has to be one of the sweetest girls on the planet. Really.
She’s Not Just a Housewife, nor a full-time crafter, but she does some excellent home improvement/DIY work. Check out Stacy’s Creative Estates post and another follow-up here.
Kami, from No Biggie, has a great post that cover’s the tips Becky Higgins shared. She was also generous enough to share the content she provided while on the photography panel.
There was quite a bit of conversation surrounding the incredible Mac & Cheese at Saturday night’s dinner. Shey’s posted the recipe over on her blog.
If you are interested in photos, you’ve got to check out Kendra’s amazing photo stream. She’s posted a sneak peak on her blog.
Allison, of Allison Waken Photography, was on hand to share some tips and tricks. Check out her fun recap!
Amy, from the Idea Room, wrote up a great recap of her experience – complete with some fun photos!
If you’re going to Chandler, you might want to check out this post – great food review!
Lady Bug Blessings posted her take on the conference…check out the fun canvass she made during the creative workshops.
We were so lucky to have Bev, of Flamingo Toes, join us. Check out her perspective on attending as a conference newbie!
Not only did Chrissy provide us with some gorgeous bookmarks in our swag boxes, but she also left a colorful recap full of photos and fun!
Loving Jen, from Scissors and Spatula’s recap. She’s got some great photos of the best Creative Estates details and then a few more here.
Who doesn’t love Naptime with Chocolate?! Jamielyn is adorable. She’s shared a couple of her favorite conference moments here and here. Don’t miss her gorgeous baby – we were all dying over the baby bling!
Love her site and love this post. Hop on over and visit Freckles Crafts.
Tara was a favorite, and it’s not just because she made everyone gorgeous business card holders. She’s posted about her experience a few times. Check this out and this, this andthis.
This girl was, without a doubt, one of the most stylish at Creative Estates…we’re going to have to ask her to do a little wardrobe styling for next year!
Melissa shared some heartfelt words on her blog.
This may be the most gracious moment of the entire conference…we have an amazing community!
Lindsay, from Aisle to Aloha, has several great posts about her Creative Estates experience. Start here. Then read this and then this. You will quickly see why this girl was the life of the party!
Wow. She truly is lovely. Stunning in fact. And she’s shared her thoughts about Creative Estates here and here.
Want to laugh out loud? You will when you read Lara’s post…any of them actually.
Love this post by Megan over at Brassy Apple.