Friday, August 13, 2010


Creative Estates came to be, because Shealynn Benner, owner of *Shey*[B], always had dreams of living in a neighborhood filled entirely of creative people.  So all of her neighbors would be creative.  It didn't matter what creative mind they had, whether they sewed, knitted, crocheted, computer programmed, designed blogs, wrote books, painted, etc.  She dreamt about having them all right there.  In her neighborhood, which would of course have to be called Creative Estates!

Shealynn then decided to start a handmade conference.  To which naming it Creative Estates seemed total perfection.  If she couldn't have all the creative minds in a neighborhood forever, why not temporarily once year, right?  Thus, Creative Estates Conference was born.

One weekend.  150+ of the most amazing creative minds out there.  Amazing!

Shealynn Benner

Can't wait to be your neighbor in April 2012!!!