Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Early Bird Ticket Change

Hey everyone!  Hope this Wednesday finds you all well.

We wanted to let you all know that things have been changed in regards to the Creative Estates Conference early bird pricing.  There is now a deadline to purchase early bird tickets, which are available for the awesome price of $149!

To get your early bird ticket, you'll need to purchase your ticket no later than October 31st, 2010.  After that, ticket prices will go to the regular price, which is $189.

We can not wait to see you all there!!  Thank you for all of your kind words about this conference and all of your support with getting the word out.

To purchase your ticket(s) click HERE!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things You Should Know

We have been very busy behind the scenes over here!

- We now have a Facebook Fan Page!  Please friend us.  Our page is here.
- We also have a Twitter account.  Please follow us here.

We are having a Handmade Market at the Creative Estates Conference as well!  We will have specific times the market will be open so that everyone at the conference will have time to browse and shop without having to miss sessions.  If you are interested in having a booth for your business to sell your items at the Handmade Market, please contact us:

Tickets for the Handmade Market will go on sale soon.  As of right now, only conference attendees are permitted to take part.  We will reevaluate opening the market to non-conference attendees as the conference dates get closer.  There is a limited amount of spots available.  There will be NO entrance fee to get into the Handmade Market!

Remember.  Registration is now open!  We currently have an Early Bird special ticket price available, which are VERY limited, so be sure and get your tickets soon!  Click here to register.

So far we have some amazing speakers lined up.  We still have more in the works and look forward to sharing them with you soon!!  If you're a handmade business owner or a handmade blogger and you're interested in speaking, please email us.

And, lastly, we are working on designing a blog button, so you all can announce that you're attending the Creative Estates Conference!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have decided to make this event even better for everyone!  We have lowered the price of the conference and even offered at Early Bird Special Price!!  Our goal has always been to make this conference affordable to everyone.  

Check out the updated pricing here.

Thanks everyone!

Be Our Neighbor!

Registration is officially OPEN!!  

Of course there is more information to come... 

Click here for the details and to register.  Limit spaces available!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Conference Is Official!

It's official!  We are hosting a conference and we now have a blog.  Website is soon to be under way so you all can purchase your tickets!  Be sure and leave us a comment!!  :)

So!  Are you excited or what?  We sure are!
I will be announcing who the official gals are behind the conference sometime this week!  And I will have them tell you a little bit about themselves!

Tickets will go on sale soon, but we will only have a limited number available.
We will also announce speakers as the time goes on as well!  We have some really really great people to speak in the works!!

Also... make sure and follow us!  You can over on the right side bar ------>