Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Estates Handmade Market

Unfortunately, the Handmade Market is no longer open to the public.  There was a little bit of confusion about this, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew.  Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

I promised you all that I would be posting the information about the Creative Estates Handmade Market. Sorry it's taken me several days to get this up for you!  Here is the information...

We currently only have a few booth spots left, so if you want a booth, snag one up quick.  :)

All booths are provided 1 table (approx. 5ft x 5ft.).  A tablecloth can be provided by the venue if necessary.  Your total booth space is approximately 10ft x 10ft.

The venue is opening it's doors for set up on Thursday afternoon!  So come by sometime Thursday afternoon before 6pm to set up your booth spot.

Tables will be randomly handed out to vendors.  Look for your name on the table you've been given.  No requests are being taken to be next to someone you know.

Times for the handmade market are as follows:

Friday night 5-7pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
CHANGED!  Conference Handmade Market is no longer public! {at all}  This will now be a private shopping experience for CE Attendees only. {both days} And with over 150 attendees coming, that's a lot of shopping!
Saturday night 5-9pm {if you are a conference attendee}

The handmade market is open to the public.
If you have a booth and don't want to miss any sessions on Saturday when the market is open from 9-1, then you aren't obligated to run your booth.  If you want to run your booth for part of the time, then that's fine too.  {ex: if you want to run your booth from 10-12pm that would be fine}

There is no single checkout.  Every vendor is responsible for their own sales.

If you are leaving early Sunday, then you'll need to tear down your booth Saturday night.  If you leave late enough Sunday, Inspirador has been gracious enough to offer to open it's doors that morning to let everyone else tear down their booth if they so choose.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us:


P.S.  Conference Tickets are almost sold out!!  There are only 17 left!  So be sure and get your ticket soon!!